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Festivities bring the cheer and joy that lights up your day. Indian festivals are definitely a notch higher when it comes to celebrations as the vast array of preparations begin more than few weeks in advance. First on the list are the outfits which is always sorted out by the entire family on priority basis. During festivals all the Indian women prefer to wear the rich attire like the heavily embroidered Anarkali suits and Lehengas especially during Diwali.

It is important to have a vast collection of daily wear in your wardrobe after all you spend your whole day wearing them. You need to have variety in your collection not just colours, but also in style. Many manufacturers of wholesale Salwar Suits have for ages provided a range of affordable suits that have been immensely popular with women especially from the small towns.

Stock clearance offer

Daily wear should be all about comfort and nothing else. Comfort and style that are well combined to make it practical to use should be the criteria that have to play in designing a daily wear suggests the Kurti manufacturers in Mumbai. Kurti, as they notice, has become the most commonly worn and highly demanded styles of outfit not just in India but also the world over. Tunic which is slightly longer in length is more popular in the western part of the world.

In India fashion has been changing at a fast pace, however, what’s unique is that traditional wear continues to be an intrinsic style of an Indian woman. Ethnic wear like Salwar suits and Lehengas are still the most worn by the ladies and the one that even today rocks the Indian wedding scenes. However, these beautifully handcrafted embroidered Salwar suits and Lehengas

Wedding season in India means a lot of glamour, colour, scrumptious and finger licking food. The element of this begins with the attire of the family and friends. Since as a culture we live in a tightly knit family structure which makes Indian Weddings demand excessive efforts not just from the bridegroom and their immediate family members but also from the extended relatives and their friends equally alike.